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❤️ English speaking friends from around the world

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Hello Hello!

Here I am familiarizing myself with everything that can be done through the groups on my website, since from next week on they will also function as virtual classrooms for my new online BujoScrap school!!!

For now in this free English-speaking group I will be sharing some posts in order to exchange ideas, opinions and news on different matters, Q&As and anything you want to share :)

Being a member of my website, you will have constant access to a very organized members panel, where you'll find all the topics, the posts to which you replied or reacted, the questions you have asked and my answers, the groups you belong to in my website, and more. I'll explain all of this shortly in a blog post so that you can get the most out of it.

The only thing you have to know for now is that when you enter your member's area of my website at least once a month, the system will consider you as an ACTIVE MEMBER which I will be rewarding with freebies and other special benefits ;) - you just click on "LOG IN" at the top right of my web screen.

This post works for me as a bit of a test, I never really took advantage of the Groups functions in my web, and I want to take the opportunity to say HELLO and reactivate it so we can start talking :) ...

By the way ... Have you seen my blog post on how to choose the ideal BujoScrap notebook?

Here is the link to the English version in case you haven't seen it yet ... tell me what you think:

Have a great Tuesday everyone ♥



Welcome to my group of English speaking friends from around ...
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