Learn to Love Your Calligraphy (The Course you Need Before Taking Another Lettering Course)

I am super excited that my first trilingual course has finally been published in the Skillshare platform!

I have worked so hard to make it meet all requirements so that the 3 languages would fit in each of the videos I uploaded (one for each unit) having to re-edit contents 3 times... but now all efforts are worth since now you get a compact, high-value course to take, with the chance of choosing if you want to watch it in either English, Spanish or Italian (or the three of them so you get to practice your foreign language skills too ;) ♥

If you want to discover the uniqueness of your own handwriting, identifying your personal traits while determining which aspects to improve and how to do that too, then this course is definitely for you!

We'll run a deep analysis on the way YOU write and why you should embrace your own handwriting and personality rather than tracing over someone else's calligraphy, at least as a start... This is the very foundation of your entire lettering and modern calligraphy adventure! That is why I say this is the course you need before taking any other lettering course… once you learn to love your own calligraphy, you can apply it to any other style or project or technique with such an increased confidence and in your own unique approach.

After the analysis we will work on exercises that will help you adjust your own traits to given parameters to make it more suitable for creative applications, to finally designing your own alphabet for practice and applying your newly discovered and improved calligraphy to creative projects. I will give you several BujoScrap applications to try in your notebook, that would be unique for each of you, reflecting your own individuality and personality.

Take this course FREE OF CHARGE for 14 days!

Simply follow this link to SKILLSHARE or click on any of the photos in this post to enroll to the Skillshare platform as a Premium Student... you will NOT pay a cent for 14 days!

If after that you decide to stay, you'll then get charged based on what you have chosen (yearly or monthly basis) but you can cancel before that if you don't want to get charged and still enjoy my courses for free during that trial period. I must say though that, once you enter the premium trial, you access not just my courses, but all the other courses by amazing teachers from all over the world (more than 25 thousand classes!) which makes your investment more than worthy if you decide to stay (plus I would love to have you in all my classes regularly there!) ;)

You can expect weekly classes to be loaded into my own Skillshare school so that alone will pay off your investment, making you save a ton as a monthly fee at Skillshare costs less than 1 of my courses alone, and you'll get 4 of those each moth if you stay enrolled ;) ! ♥


Please leave your comments when you take the course, upload your practice and projects so I can comment and help you better, and leave a final feedback so that other students know what to expect from it, and so I know what I can do to improve and offer you better courses each time ♥.

Also, stay tuned as I have 4 more video lessons ready to be uploaded in that first course with further applications of those contents, which will get released as soon as I start getting feedback from you (so I know you actually want them) ;)

Can't wait to hear your thoughts and see your calligraphy transformed while taking this course!

Share this post with your friends who'd want to improve their own calligraphy without losing their personality and style ;)

Stay tuned for more!


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