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Today is Wednesday!

Middle of the week already... how are you coping?

Did you move forward with everything you've planned on Monday for this week?

If you are a creative soul like me, YOU NEED TO GET ORGANIZED :)

But the type of organization on a regular agenda never worked for me, it did not motivate me enough, it did not inspire me to continue doing it, what I wrote in the morning was left there without even opening it for the rest of the day, which made all effort useless and I always ended up abandoning it after just a few days or weeks in the best case scenario.

But that all changed when I discovered Bullet Journaling, and it changed my life.

This is the fourth year that I use it daily and if I managed to follow it all this time it is not only because it helps me in my personal and work organization like nothing else before, but the fact that I managed to merge it with Scrapbooking creating simplified techniques that allow me to document my day to day with photos, clippings, annotations or whatever comes up, all in the same notebook... THAT is what made me stick to it... I managed to turn them into true life books that I am always eager to keep up to day, and with that, my tasks and todos also get done!

I baptized these notebooks a few years ago as BujoScraps ♥ and they are starting to take flight on their own all over the world now.

To learn more about it, join my Bujoscrap Club for free classes every Friday! (in English, Spanish and Italian).

You can also join my school on Skillshare and enjoy a new course every week (plus 25000+ courses from other great teachers!) get a FREE ACCESS FOR 14 DAYS BY CLICKING HERE ♥ (the first of my courses gets launched on Saturday 23 January 2021, from then on, a new course every Saturday;))

Now... today I started my day as usual writing my Daily Log, but this time, with a little change.

It occurred to me to choose a new word each day to replace the space I was using for the Covid-quarantine days count... (which I already got sick of and I decided to remove completely from my pages because it only makes me sad).

Instead, this nice main space on my page will now showcase a different word every morning with which I will practice my lettering, choosing a word that motivates me, that inspires me throughout the day or represents in some way whatever I am living at that moment (better than the constant reminder of social isolation, right?)

That's how my Daily Log this morning, opening my "Word of the day" series, looked like this:

Let's see what I used for each piece of this Daily Log header in my Bujo...

For number 20 I used my stamp set #1 Liberty Alpha which I colored in with the Chameleon Fineliners (BL7 cap for 1 second on the BL3 pen)... same combination for the little hearts at each side of the month ENERO (January).

The day of the week with the flowers is an embellishment that comes in my DigiKit "Flowery Night" (€5.99, includes all in English, Spanish and Italian, 100+ printables in A4)

You can get it directly in my web, here...

The month, Enero (January), is one of my stamps from set #3 "Months of the year", that also comes in English, Spanish and Italian.

To write the word of the day I used my Tombow brush pen (the harder nib one which I love), and my bujoscraps are always by Leuchtturm1917

Where can you get these products...
My BujoScrap/Bullet journaling stamps, the Chameleon pens, the Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebooks and (soon) also the Tombow ones, you will find them in...
as well as their brand new My Oz Craft Europe based in Italy:
In the USA, you can get ALL PENS you can imagine, Tombow and Chameleon obviously included, in the amazing Marker Universe...
You can't get my stamps in the USA yet but have a look at this amazing assortment of ALPHA stamps that carries Scrapbook.com
They also have beautiful alternatives for the stamps with the months of the year, here.

I chose COMMITTED to start this new series of Word of the day precisely because that is how I feel right now and I don't want to lose that drive... COMMITTED to achieve my goals, to organize myself, to launch my courses, to continue with my diet... to follow my dreams today more than ever ♥, and every time new things arose during my day that complicated it a bit, when I dumped them on my bujo and saw that COMMITTED up there, and it gave me the strength to face whatever came...

And I thought ... I can't keep this to myself ... If something as simple as a written word in a notebook has so much power, why not share it and invite others to empower themselves that way....

That is why I went ahead and search for lists of beautiful words and made up a list of 500!

I typed them in a handwritten font in a PDF and I uploaded it as Freebie to my website so that everyone can download them for free, here: ♥

You can print them on adhesive paper to trim each word as a little sticker or use this list to cross out the ones you type in yourself in your notebooks... what matters is that you try this idea because it really HELPS :) ♥

If you do, please tag me at @carolinaghelfi and using the hashtags #carolinaghelfiinspo and #carolinaghelfifreebie so that I can see it and comment ♥

Hope to see you on Friday at my Bujoscrap Club for a free LIVE lesson!!!

And do not hesitate to leave me a message below for any questions, comments or just to say hi :)

Great mid-week ;) ♥


Note: Some of the links in my blog posts contain affiliate links to help me support my site. This means that if you buy anything following my links, I may get a commission for that, at no extra cost for you.

Thank you in advance for this! ♥ It helps me a lot to continue creating free high-quality content for you.

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