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Descrizione del servizio

New to BujoScrap, lettering or any of the other contents of my courses? Want to learn something I do that is not part of the available classes? Need my personalized live feedback on your creative work or progress? Now you can book a private Zoom call with me, just the 2 of us, to address your specific needs, at your preferred time and in your own language!  If you are taking any of my self-paced classes in either Skillshare, Udemy or even the free course in my Club, you can book a 1-1 session with me to clear all your doubts and help you achieve your goals! If this is the case simply try all the exercises in the course you need coaching with, take notes of anything for which you'd like my personalized help, and when ready, simply come here and choose a 30-minute exclusive online session, just you and me, in either English, Spanish or Italian, and at the time that works best for you. Same if you need my assistance or coaching on any of the things I do, even if you don't see them in my courses. Just enter a brief description on what you need help with when booking so I can better prepare for our call! I created this service to eliminate your fear of getting started on your own, or the frustration of getting stuck at any part of your adventure... whenever you need to, I'm here to guide you!

Dettagli di contatto

+ 39 3409796892


Via Trieste, 18, Lecco, LC, Italia

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